Maternity Girdle

Used after third trimester for abdomen protection and back support

Postpartum Girdle

Used after pregnancy to provide abdominal and uterine support

Coral Calcium

During pregnancy more calcium is needed to support healthy skeletal development

Omega 3-6-9

Essential fatty acids assist in prevention of high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol

Maternity Package

Maternal Health Package

Every year in the U.S. alone an estimated 6 million women become pregnant. During pregnancy, increased demands and stress are placed on a woman's body. An expectant mother needs ultimate support for:
- Managing increased weight
- Pressure on the bladder
- Preventing stretch marks and varicose veins
- Eliminating back pain in 2nd & 3rd trimester
- Shifting internal organs as the body prepares for birthing

A healthy pregnancy starts with the right solutions during and after pregnancy. The Ardyss Maternal Health Pack is made for pregnancy support and is trusted by expecting moms.
Package contains:
- Maternity Girdle | Designed to give you comfort from the first trimester of pregnancy; embraces your growing belly while gently reducing lower backpressure.
- Postpartum Girdle | Reshaper may help with speedy recovery after childbirth by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location.
- Stretch Mark Crème | Enriched with vitamins and essential herbs to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
- Coral Calcium | A daily calcium supplement with a complete source of vitamins to help nourish your body and the skeletal system.*
- Omega 369 | A powerful supplement that may help reduce inflammation and assist the cardiovascular system. *

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